COVID19 Considerations: 

Everyone is exhausted from dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. We will have protocols laid out to allow us to operate in the safest possible manner. Anyone refusing to adhere the rules we lay out, will be asked to leave and will forfeit any deposit paid.

We encourage people to not cross from geographic zones, but we will not be verifying addresses at this time.

Groups will not be encouraged, as awesome as they may be, during this jump season. We have disabled any group discounts during this time.

We will be incurring additional costs to operate during these restrictions. A small COVID fee will be levied.

EVERYONE will be expected to check in, answer a health questionnaire and have your forehead temperature "scanned". If you are not "checked in" and found on site, you will be asked to leave.

Tandem students will be expected to remain in their vehicle until their scheduled timeslot. Once jumped, they will be expected to depart to ensure we do not exceed our limited capacities. Please bring your own lawn chair if you wish to sit on something while you wait.

These considerations will be amended as necessary, without notice.