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We're not your average skydiving school!


Skydive Gananoque is the longest running skydiving school in Canada under the same ownership. Started in 1971, we operate under a few simple guiding principles that make us a top choice regardless of whether you're making a tandem skydive, progressing through our freefall program or celebrating your 5,000th jump.

Your safety is our priority!

Skydiving is dangerous, but we can do it safely, or at least in a manner that allows us to be as safe as possible. 


We operate under the rules set out by the USPA (United States Parachuting Association) and the various manufacturers of the equipment we use. All of our staff are trained to the highest calibre incorporating the best training techniques from around the world. In fact, any tandem instructor on our roster must have a minimum of 1,000 skydives - that's TWICE the amount required to get a tandem instructor rating!

Passionate people are paramount!

We've been teaching people to skydive for a LONG time.


One of the biggest keys to our success is building a team that is passionate about what they're doing, both here and at home. We're always adding, and removing, people so that our team is top notch. We aren't just about teaching, we're about sharing that passion.


Love the sport? Want to join our team? Email us!

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is welcome at Skydive Gananoque.


Due to legal restrictions, all skydiving participants must be at least 18 years of age (the age of majority) and due to the operating limits of our equipment, we have a maximum weight for our students, but everyone is welcome at the dropzone (unless they have endangered the safety of somebody else at the dropzone).


If you've ever been described as zany or off-the-wall, you'll probably fit right in! 

We're leaders!

We've been on the forefront of several developments in skydiving. We developed the IAD program (instructor assisted deployment) and we were the first dropzone in Canada to put students under square reserves.


Now, we're lowering prices to keep skydiving accessible to more people, creating a reward program (Be Awesome) and making it easier for our freefall graduates to buy their first set of gear. 


Want to know more? Just ask!

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