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Your First Jump
A timeline of what to expect
(All times are approximate; Order subject to change)


















Arrival - We ask that you show up on time, but love when you show up a few minutes early. Head for the registration building - up the steps at the end of the deck.


Registration - While we understand that most people will have already paid and signed their waivers prior to arrival, we still need to double check. Please do not be surprised or offended if we ask you to step on our scale. 

Upgrade - If you haven't opted to get an optional video package, now is your last chance. 

Manifesting - While we strive to keep groups together, we are sometimes limited by the number of available staff, available rigs or the maximum number of passengers on the plane. If your group needs to be split up, we try to offer you the chance to pick your own "team". Ultimately, we do everything we can to keep people from jumping on their own (they still have an instructor). Once you know your team, feel free to decide who will go first, second, etc. Anyone getting an outside video package will be bumped up on the exit order.

Briefing - Sometimes this is done in a large group, but often your instructor will brief you on the essentials of your jump. Some of us are chatty, so don't be surprised if one briefing is longer than another. Feel free to ask questions!

SUIT UP! - If you're manifested on one of the next three loads (check the board or ask any of our staff), then you'll probably want to get suited up. If it's cool on the ground, you'll want a suit. If it's warm, we recommend skipping it. Once you're suited up (or when you decline), it's time to get into a harness. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE IN ANY OF OUR GEAR! We do not tighten the leg straps until it's time to move to the boarding area. Do not get onto the plane with loose straps!

Boarding - Just before boarding, we will do a last check of your harness. You will need goggles. You will NOT need to put them on until you're just about to jump.

Plane Ride - You will have a seat belt on until at least 1,500 feet. At this time, especially on hot days, we will open the door to cool off the plane. You will either be attached to the plane or your instructor for the entire flight. At approximately 10,000 feet, we will start gearing you up. Normally we have you sit on the lap of the instructor to snug up the harness. Your harness will feel significantly tighter at this point.

GOGGLES ON! - You want to wait as long as possible to put on your goggles to keep them from fogging up (They will clear in freefall, regardless). Your goggles normally go on when you're fully attached to your instructor AND the red light comes on (look at the back of the plane).

Go Time! - In fairly rapid succession once the green light comes on, you will be shuffled out the door. The brief moment that you're standing in the doorway will be the scariest part of the jump.

Freefall - On a typical tandem, you will have almost one minute of freefall. Once your instructor gives you the signal, let go of your harness and experience absolute freedom.

Parachute Deployment - According to Plan A, we will deploy the parachute at 5,000 feet. You will slow down your descent from 174 feet per second to 16 feet per second in the span of 3-7 seconds. 

Canopy Ride - We determine our canopy flight path long before we board the plane, but there is some wiggle room which allows for spins and observing the scenery. Let us know (as early as possible) if you wish to avoid spins.

Landing - At some point, unfortunately, the fun comes to an end. We will try and stand up the landing, but often we will slide in. If this is the case, grass stains are to be expected. Regardless of how we land, please keep your feet lifted (above your instructor's) until we come to a complete stop.

Gear down - Any of our jumpers can take off your harness. If someone doesn't start right away, feel free to ask us.

Graduation - We have a pretty sweet certificate to prove you did your jump as well as some little trinkets (pending availability). Be sure you get yours before you leave!

Next step - If you liked your jump, and have some time to stick around, you'll get to see some of the things we can do as licensed skydivers. Should you decide to jump again, we can either get you up that day (depending on the schedule) or we can book you in for another day.

Celebration - Most Saturday nights will see us having fun around a bonfire. Camp over and join us! (If you're booked for Sunday, it's okay to do a little celebrating before your jump).


Bathroom Breaks  - Allowed at any point up until moving to the loading area, and after you land.

Questions - Allowed anytime, but we can't talk in freefall.

Alcohol - Not allowed at any point except the celebration.

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