If it's not on video, it didn't happen!


With one of our video productions, your awesomeness will never be called into question. See below for the details of INSIDE versus OUTSIDE video. And remember, your friends will never, ever, tire of reliving your experience. 

Your stills will be made available to you on the day of your jump so that you can take them home with you. The video will be edited and mailed on the next business day. With the pending postal lockout/strike, we are exploring alternate delivery methods.


Safety First!

The instructor's primary job is to keep you safe. That being said, we mount a video camera (GoPro) on the wrist of the instructor. While we strive to have the camera focused on you the entire dive, we cannot guarantee the footage obtained.

Up Close & Personal

You'll get close up video on exit, in freefall and, exlcusive to the inside package, you'll get video footage under parachute.


Get the Shot!

Our professional videographers know how to skydive, which is why they can make "getting the shot" their main priority.  Their cameras (video and still) are mounted on their helmets, which means that they record everything they're watching.  And you get both their video and stills.

Quality and Quantity

Anything worth having, is worth waiting for.  This video package contains a fully-edited, to music, dvd production.  The final run time for this production is approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Plus, you'll get a minimum of 100 still photographs, including ground preparation, the ride up, the skydive and landing.

Selfie Video
Please, no duck faces.
Portrait Style
Say Cheese!

When you broadcast on social media, selfies are great for proving to your friends and family that "hey, I was there".

The walls of our homes are often adorned with pictures of our families and friends in exotic and beautiful locations.  Our portrait style photographs are taken with high resolution cameras with the express intention of making it to your Wall of Fame.