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This is a list of the most commonly asked questions. 


You're entertaining the idea of throwing yourself out of an airplane towards the fifth largest planet in our solar system. Naturally, you'll have questions. If you don't see yours below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How old do I have to be?


The minimum age to make a skydive is 18 years old. Skydive Gananoque will not take anyone under the age of 18 (even with a parent's consent). 


There is, however, NO limit the other way. We have had many people over 80 join us for the ultimate thrill.

Is there a weight limit?


For safety reasons, yes, we do have a limit. After lengthy discussion between the staff and management, all of our instructors have agreed to take anyone under 220 lbs (100kg). That being said, given an appropriate height to weight ratio, and favourable weather conditions, our maximum weight limit is 250 pounds (114kg).


We reserve the right to refuse any person who does not appear to be in reasonable physical condition for their own safety. Our refusal does not forfeit your deposit.

What should I wear?


We want you to be comfortable during your visit. We will provide you with a jump suit (optional), and goggles. In cooler weather, we also have limited neck warmers, gloves and hats. Below is a list of things we would recommend you wear, or bring with you, to make the most of your tandem skydive:



It's best to wear loose fitting clothing; T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, warm-up or yoga pants, shorts etc. The number of layers will depend on the weather, but dress comfortably for the weather.  It will be cooler at altitude, although you won't be up there for very long.



Regular gym shoes are ideal. Cross trainers, hiking shoes or other footwear are acceptable as long as they do not have any open clips (speed laces), or steel toes.  Please be sure that your footwear will be secure as you will decelerate from 174 feet per second to 15 feet per second in the span of a few seconds. The fields surrounding us have plenty of shoes that "should be fine" or are "tight enough".


Please refrain from wearing tight-fitting jeans (they are uncomfortable and restrict mobility in the plane), skirts, dresses, boots or sandals. 



If you wear corrective lenses, we have special goggles that will go over your glasses. If you have the option of wearing contact lenses, you will be more comfortable with those.  While rare, people have lost corrective lenses in freefall. A spare pair of contacts or glasses is recommended if you require them for driving.



Please ensure you have some place secure to store your watches, jewelry and other valuables. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Can I bring my entourage?


Of course! Cheering sections are quite fun to have around. If they are coming along for moral support only, your friends and family can even be waiting for you near the landing area to welcome you back down. Please note that your entourage will be expected to respect our rules just as you are. Don't worry... we're not that strict.

How long will the whole thing take?

As with anything, quality cannot be rushed. We always ask that you be willing to dedicate four hours to making your skydive.  Realistically, we can probably have you registered, taught, up in the air and safely back down on the ground within an hour and a half, but we like to have some wiggle room for logistical, mechanical or weather delays.

What if it rains?

We rarely cancel appointments due to weather, and we certainly never cancel based on a forecast. While there are some conditions that prevent us from jumping, our plane is a rocket which means that we can get groups of tandems up in the air in minimal time (once everyone is briefed and geared up) which allows us to take advantage of "pockets" of nice weather.  There are very few days during the season where we don't get some jumps in.

Can I get my deposit back?

The short version of the answer is no.


If you cancel your jump within one week of your scheduled appointment, we will assume you are watching the Weather Network and are basing your decision upon a forecasting system that is designed to keep viewers coming back to the channel. Good forecast/bad weather results in angry viewers, but bad forecast/good weather results in viewers who are happy that the day turned out nicer.  If you need to reschedule, and you call or email us prior to the week before, your deposit will be applied to the new appointment. 


Failing to show up, for any reason, will forfeit your deposit. If there is a (real) family emergency which can be supported (believe it or not, we have a lot of people who claim this when it's not really the case), we will work with you - we're not mean, we're just trying to run a business.

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