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Welcome to Skydive Gan(anoque). 

Whether you've got thousands of skydives or are interested in doing your first one, we believe you'll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful location to make a skydive. If scenery isn't your thing, we offer the lowest regular priced skydives in the area.

In addition to beautiful scenery and low prices, we have highly experienced staff operating the latest technology. Oh, and we've been throwing people out of airplanes since 1971, so we're pretty good at what we do.


When you're done exploring the site, and have decided to jump from an airplane, we're pretty confident that we'll be your best choice.


We look forward to working with you.




Looking for  video?
We have all of your media needs at...
Inverse Media!

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Get your Skydive Gan and custom merch right here!

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Provincial COVID restrictions have currently been removed by opening day, but there are rules still in effect for the in-flight portion of your visit. 

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