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The Whole Kit and Caboodle


A tandem skydive, over the majestic 1,000 Islands plus our video/stills package for only $299 plus HST


If you buy this in April or May, the price is good until the end of May.


If you buy a certificate before May 31st, you can use it anytime over the course of the summer. 


Coupon Code: TANVID16         Expires May 31, 2016



Regular Price:




Experienced jumps: 

"Awesome" Jumper jumps: 

Skydiving is too dang expensive!


After several months of discussions, with staff and customers, we've come to the decision that skydiving has become too expensive.


So we're changing that!!


Until further notice, we're offering the following sale prices, INCLUDING taxes:

$5 Gear Rental

Well, it'll work out to that much. For any new Skydive Gan freefall graduate who rents gear, 75% of the gear rental price will go towards a gear acquisition fund. 



  • Valid for up to 50 jumps post-graduation

  • Approved gear must be purchased within one year of graduation

  • Does not include money spent on pack jobs

  • Approved gear to include a Skydive Gan logo


Expires May 29, 2016
Lowest Tandem Prices - Guaranteed!

There are very few things that can ruin a great experience, but finding out later that you could have done it for less money is on the top of that list.


We offer the best prices around. Guaranteed!




Second Jump Special

The only thing better than throwing yourself at a planet and living to tell the tale, is actually learning how to skydive. Why not start the process NOW?!


Whenever you complete a tandem skydive with us, you can purchase the next one, in that same season, for a significant discount.


Purchase it the same day as your first jump for an even bigger discount!


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